Seriously, have you ever gone on a first date and asked that person to marry you? I sure hope not! But for some reason that’s what many martial arts schools are doing with their marketing efforts online. Let me give you an example.

You post 2-3 Facebook posts a week at the most and half of them are posts that encourage people to sign up. Then you decide to do a Facebook ad where you also ask people to sign up. Then after spending $10-$50 on the ad you wonder why no one has take you up on the offer.

This is the typical way many schools are running their marketing and it’s not working. You butted your school into their social media feed and asked for something. You went from the first date to marriage without any courting…and you’re wondering why the relationship didn’t work.

The Conversion Marketing Journey

Social media marketing isn’t the wild west like it used to be. You used to be able to post an ad and get a ton of bites but now people are sick of it. It’s time for martial arts schools to embrace the conversion marketing journey. Now you have to court your future clients from browser to visitor, to lead, to customer, to promoter. Be prepared to take time and a little more skill then the punch in the face marketing you’ve been doing in the past.