There has been a lot of talk in the last few months about Russian bots meddling in the politics of the US. When people hear the word bot they often lump them all into the same category. To be clear, chat bots are not the same as these Russian bots or any other spam like bots.

Let’s break down what these two different kind of bots really are.


Spam Bots (those pesky Russian ones!)

Spam bots are programs that are created to take over other people’s Facebook pages and/or create new pages and profiles. Once they have done this they they are programed to push out information and posts that will spread misinformation and decent. They are called bots because it’s not individual people who are creating these accounts and posting the information. Hackers have programed “bots” (computer programs) to do the work.


Chatbots (cool marketing ones!)

Chatbots are marketing tools that allows you to have individual communication with your customers and prospects. They are created with pre programmed conversation interactions and/or some AI skills to help customers interact with your business. Many big businesses are using very fancy technology to let you order flowers and pizza online through Facebook Messenger or other chat applications.

Currently the main platform for Chatbots is Facebook Messenger but Apple has announced the ability to do bots with iMessages and platforms like Telegram and Slack have the ability to have bots. Though these are great platforms, most businesses should only be focused on Facebook Messenger bots.

If you’d like more information on Chatbots and why you should be using them check out this article.