know your digital marketing We help people market. We even do it for them but what we DON’T DO is do it without their input. For many businesses doing all of the marketing in house isn’t possible. Even if it were possible staying up to date with pixels, bots, retargeting, and ever new social network would be a full time job (A great resource is Social Media Examiner). You don’t have time for that but you MUST make time to at least know your marketing.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Recently, I was reviewing an email campaign that a client of ours got pre-programed into their new website marketing. We didn’t build this website or the email campaign but we wanted to review the overall messaging. The emails that we got from the pre-built campaign started off good but then built a sense of scarcity that was false.

The email campaign used the business owner’s name and says things like “limited number of slots” and “this deal is almost over and will be ending soon.” These phrases are fine if they are TRUE! They were not true in this case. The business owner had no idea that the emails talked to their prospective clients in this way and thus the marketing message was dishonest and not in line with what the actual business was saying in person.

This is just one example of how a business can cause themselves trouble if they don’t have a clear understanding of their marketing message. By no means should all businesses have to do all of their own marketing. Frankly, most businesses should outsource many of the more complicated tasks of building marketing funnels and messages but it’s essential that you as a business owner work with those who put these campaigns together. You need to know what the marketing says and make sure it represents your business properly.

Smart and successful businesses work hand in hand with a marketing agency (like ours) or an in-house marketing department to make sure all of their messaging and marketing matches the voice and values of the business.