Time to Suck it Up!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to suck it up and stop whining about having to pay for digital advertising. Every day I see small businesses suffering because they see their social media impact diminishing. These businesses are being swindled by big time companies trying to get them to pay big bucks for “secret marketing tricks” that will bring in tons of sales.

It’s all crap! They want you to stay confused about how digital marketing works and they want you to be mad that companies like Facebook lured you onto their platform and then shut down the stream of free marketing.

Here’s the deal, today is the greatest time to have a small business because marketing your product to your ideal audience is easier than ever before. Not only is it easier than ever, it’s still cheaper than all the old giants: radio, tv, and print. So put on your work boots and decide that it’s time to put real marketing money into digital marketing.

Pay to Play, But Be Smart!

So, you might have dabbled into paid marketing online. You boosted some Facebook posts, tried some Pay Per Click marketing some company pushed on you, or had someone tell you that text messaging was the next big thing. Well, now it’s time to get serious and figure out what a SMART and thought out marketing plan online would looks like for your business.

Your marketing plan should include paid and unpaid media to help move your ideal customer from a cold lead that’s never heard of you to an avid fan that actively promotes your business. Once you’ve laid out the basics of a marketing plan then you need to find the best vehicle to deliver each message to your ideal customer. This can be a daunting thought but in the end will serve your business and help it thrive.

As a small business owner often the details of understanding the marketing process aren’t our main concern. Most business owners are worried about the day to day operations and don’t have time to layout a detailed marketing plan, especially one that uses technology they barely understand. That’s where we want to help. Hayden Digital is committed to being your digital marketing partner. Our goal isn’t sell you a bunch of stuff you don’t understand, it’s to educate you on the options and help you create and implement a digital marketing solution for your business.

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