Text MessagingYou’ve probably had someone come hit up your business trying to sign you up for their text message marketing service (also called SMS marketing). Text message marketing has been around local businesses for a while now with many small companies popping up to get local restaurants, coffee shops, and other service based businesses to sign up for texting services. So is this a viable marketing channel?

The first thing to take into consideration is whether this marketing is best for your customers. The idea marketing plan takes into account what’s best for the customer. Too often the customer’s wants are pushed to the side by heavy handed marketing tactics that abuse the relationship between business and customer.

Text messaging can be useful if it’s setup to specifically benefit the customer and build a relationship with them. If it’s used to just spam them with random specials and texts then it’s most certainly going to end in money wasted and customers turned off by the business.

Frankly, at Hayden Digital we believe that text message marketing is going to disappear because it’s become too spammy. It’s one to many and not one to one. Customers aren’t treated as individuals in text message marketing and the messaging platform (whether text or other kinds of messaging) is meant to be a one to one communication channel.

It’s our belief that businesses who focus on building up customer relationships and respecting the customer’s time and boundaries will benefit most. This is not something that most SMS marketing companies want you to focus on because they get rich by you building up a huge list that you can spam with your messages.

New forms of messaging like Facebook Messenger Bots are a vehicle for thoughtful business and marketers to develop one on one connections that treat the customer as an individual versus just another way to make money. This is a shift in thought process and takes a dedicated marketing plan to create but in the long run will benefit both the customer and the local business. That’s marketing that will win in the long run!