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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a marketing audit?

Marketing has changed so much with the digital revolution. With our audit we’ll go over everything you’re currently doing and give you a review of the good, the bad, and the ugly. This way you can decide how your business can proceed in updating or tweaking your marketing plan.

I want to do our own digital marketing. Is that ok?

Of course! Businesses should know how their digital marketing is working and often can do much of it themselves. We want to empower businesses to take charge of their digital marketing by using the best new strategies to bring new leads and customers into your business.

What else can you do?

Not only do we help with digital marketing but we’re also content creators. We can help you produce videos, graphics, audio, and more to make sure your business is seen online.

What is a digital marketing game plan?

When we create a Digital Marketing Game plan for a businesses we go through everything your currently doing and see how it can be tweaked or improved by adding in new and different digital platforms and techniques. Many local businesses are missing out on amazing opportunities in the digital marketing space and we ant to help you see those missed opportunities.

I don't get all of this social media stuff. Can you help me?

Yes! Social media and digital marketing are an essential part to growing and maintaining a successful business but it’s not something every business should do on their own. We’re here to support you and we can even run the digital marketing for you if that’s what works best for you.

Do I really need digital marketing?

If you want to stay in business…YES! That doesn’t mean it needs to be a huge chore. We help you customize a marketing plan that will work with your cbusiness culture and budget.