Facebook ApocalypseZuck is at it again! Is it the Facebook Apocalypse for businesses?!?

Facebook is a powerhouse for small business marketing but it’s not the same platform many businesses started using years ago and if you’re business isn’t on Facebook yet you need to get on now and really understand how to use your page for the biggest ROI.


Let’s Break it Down!

What’s this all mean for you? Let’s start by looking at what you’ll see different in your newsfeed (that’s the main area of Facebook that everyone spends hours scrolling through).

The Newsfeed is controlled by the all powerful Facebook Algorithm. The goal of this algorithm is to keep you on Facebook for as long as possible. To do this Facebook balances things they think you want to see along with paid advertising they think you’ll be interested in. In the time before the algorithm you would see everything that anyone you liked, or an page you liked, posted. Those days have long since disappeared. Today you see a fraction of what your friends post and a half of a fraction of what a page you like posts.



In this latest announcement by Mark Zuckerberg he announces a new shift in what the algorithm will start to show. Facebook says it wants to connect people at a deeper level for real interactions and conversations not just likes. To do this Facebook will be showing you more posts from your friends and family and less posts from business, media, and public pages.

The posts that Facebook will be showing most are the ones that get people to engage with each other. Posts where people are having a debate, sharing experiences, and really interacting are going to be prioritizes more than anything else.


What’s this Mean for Your Business?

You’re going to see even lower reach for your organic posts. Why? Well frankly most businesses do a crappy job of posting on Facebook. Back in the early days your business could post random information, sales, and pictures and people would see them but that’s just not the case anymore. Businesses need to have a dedicated strategy for their organic posts.

Many businesses ask the question, “Why care about organic posts if no one is going to see them?” The thing is, what you post and how people do interact with it makes a difference in your ability to do paid marketing on Facebook. The idea that you’re business is going to get lots of new leads from organic posts on Facebook is dead but that doesn’t change the fact that you need to be posting. You just need to be posting SMARTER!


What Should I Do?

First, spend time thinking and planning a smart organic posting strategy. Your goal should be to post only things that are going to engage your audience by them sharing and interacting with your content.

Live video is A MUST! Nothing is more interactive than you going on video live and interacting with your audience. Utilize this great Facebook feature for more reach and some great retargeting strategies with your paid marketing.

Second, make sure you’re utilizing the latest tips and tools for paid media on Facebook. Paid media in conjunction with a smart organic posting strategy is the key to gaining leads and customers through Facebook. If you do one without the other it’s going to cost you time, money and lost opportunity.



Many businesses are still complaining about having to pay to get their message out on Facebook and those businesses are losing time and business crying over spilled milk. The train has left the station and Facebook can only survive if there’s paid advertising. Right now the advertising is still undervalued but as the platform grows and supply and demand catch up the cost will go up.

You need to be a smart marketer and understand how to use both organic and paid media to grow your business. If you or someone on your team doesn’t have the time or want to learn HIRE SOMEONE! Yes, it will cost you some money but that’s better then doing nothing at all.