With the recent news that Facebook is going to be changing their algorithm to focus on meaningful interactions between friends and family it’s important for businesses to take advantage of the other tools Facebook provides to gain leads and customers.

One new and groundbreaking tools are Messenger Bots.


What is a Messenger Bot?

A bot is a pre-programmed sequence of messages and interactions on the Facebook Messenger platform that can lead your prospect or customer through a desired path you have planned out. These bots can be programmed to function in a wide variety of ways. The key is to understand where a bot should be used and how to make sure it’s a benefit to your customer rather than a hindrance.

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How Should You Use Messenger Bots?

One of the best ways to use a Bot is in the education process. For any business there is some form of educating your customer on the product or service and a bot is a perfect vehicle for doing just that. Think of a bot as someone who is pre-qualifying your new leads so that you only get the top leads delivered to your sales team.

Bots are also a great way to start the customer service relationship. If a customer has an issue a bot can start that conversation and then lead them to the right person to help.

Another great use for a bot is to update current customers on new specials, events, or news from your business. The open rates on Facebook Messenger Bots is vastly higher then email marketing open rates these days and if you use the platform correctly it can be an amazing way to interact with your customers.

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What Should You NOT Do with a Bot?

It’s been said that marketers ruin everything and in some ways that’s true because bad marketers look for the quick win and don’t treat the customer with respect. Bots are a great tool but they’re no replacement for real interaction. The purpose for a bot is to get the interaction started and to cover the part of the marketing journey that is repeatable and doesn’t need human interaction. From there all customers should be sent to someone who can do the real selling.

You also want to be aware of how bots should function. It’s all about a conversation. When you load people with text and bombard them with constant messages they don’t want then you’ll lose the respect of your audience. That’s never a good thing.

Finally, make sure you have a thought out strategy for how you’re going to use a Messenger Bot in your sales and marketing journey. Throwing things out there without thinking it through can be dangerous. It’s best to consult someone who has worked with this platform before and knows how to utilize it for your business.


Where Do You Go From Here?

First, try out our bot and just see how it works. The example we lead you through is just the tip of the iceberg for what can be done. Here at Hayden Digital we’re all in on the Bot platform because we know it’s going to be a great strategy for many businesses in the coming years. Consider getting in on Bots before the space gets filled!

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