Our Story

It all started with four siblings making movies at home on summer break with a hand held camcorder that fit a full VHS in it. The only special effects was pausing the recording and moving things before continuing to record. Those were the days that started the creative juices of Nick, Zach, Summer and Haley.

Now as adults they’ve started multiple independent business, started and sold a local small town coffee shop, each have their own families and jobs…but are coming back together to run Hayden Digital.

Zach Hayden is the brains and push behind Hayden Digital, the second oldest of the Hayden siblings and a tech junkie. His full time gig is running a martial arts school for the last 15 years while doing marketing for Hayden Honda Powerhouse on the side. In addition he’s created social products, podcasts, videos and spent hundreds of hours studying and practicing digital marketing. His wife Brianna is his entrepreneur in crime and is an active part of Hayden Digital.

One of the most creative team members is Nick Hayden, the oldest of the clan. His day job is accounting for the family business but his real passion is being creative. He’s a professional writer who’s published many books, had his original plays performed by local students, and has been podcasting since before it was mainstream. His blend of truth and heart in his creative endeavors has made each and every one of them top quality.

Summer and Haley round out the Hayden siblings. Summer opened and operated her own bookstore and Haley was the manager of the Hayden coffee shop for many years. As Hayden Digital grows and develops you’ll see these two doing a myriad of jobs while juggling their families and other obligations. While Nick and Zach are better at sitting and creating on a computer or paper, Summer and Haley are the pros when it comes to dealing with people. They are also very experienced at putting together events and will bring their skills to Hayden Digital as we grow.

Social Media Strategy

Do you have an actual plan for what you’re posting on social media? It’s time to have a specific strategy for your business.

New Tools & Techniques

We utilize the latest in marketing technology including messenger bots, retargeting, live video and more.

Paid Media

Many small businesses still aren’t paying for ads on social media and now is the time. We’ll get you started or manage your current marketing.

Specifically for You

Your business is different than everyone else’s so we want to make sure you get something tailored specificly for your market.