Social media marketing is a huge industry and something most business owners know they need to do, but frankly don’t always understand. So many businesses start using social media and see little to no return. There are four main reasons social media isn’t working for small business owners.


You Don’t Know Who They’re Talking To!

For social media to work you MUST define your ideal audience. This is often called your “avatar.” (No, not those big blue guys from that movie.) Your avatar is exactly who you’re trying to reach. If you don’t know who your perfect client is then you won’t know how you should be communicating.

It’s obvious that I wouldn’t talk to a mom the same way I would talk to a bodybuilder and your marketing should reflect that, well, so should your social media posts! Often small businesses are posting on their social media to their current clients when they are really trying to reach new clients. Businesses also talk way over the heads of their audience if they don’t clearly define who they’re trying to reach.


You’re Only Posting Occasionally

For social media to be effective you have to be…social! If you only call your friend when you need something then they’re not going to continue to stay your friend. This concept works the same online. If you only post when you have a sale or you want people to do business with you, you’re going to lose your audience. You need to post regularly and entertain, educate, and encourage with your posts.

If you’re not investing time in your community online they aren’t going to invest in your product. Build relationships and be social by making sure you post regularly and interact with comments, pictures, videos and more.


You Don’t Have a Path to the Sale

Buying a product or service from a small business isn’t a spur of the moment decision. For someone to become a customer of yours they’ve followed a path to get there. It’s your job to make sure you design that path to get the most people from the beginning of the journey to a full fledged customer. We’ve talked about this before in a blog post here.

You need to plan a path that takes someone from learning about you on social media, to gaining more information and eventually buying from you. If you do this properly you can use paid marketing to get even more people through this path. If you are waiting for people to find a way to buy from you on their own, without someone holding their hand and guiding them, then you’re missing a lot of sales.


You’re Not Paying to Play

The good ol days are gone. Many small businesses got spoiled with the ability to reach their ideal audience for free on Facebook. That’s not going to happen but it’s still the best place to reach your audience. Now you’re just going to have to pay. That’s not a bad thing. We’ve always had to pay for marketing and Facebook marketing is some of the most powerful marketing you can pay for.

For many small businesses the idea of paying for Facebook marketing isn’t a deal breaker but they think just boosting the occasional post will fix all their marketing needs. Unfortunately, the marketing game on Facebook has gotten harder and smarter. It’s time to really educate yourself on the full marketing platform they’ve built or hire someone who can do it for you. If done correctly, you’ll be happy you took the time (or money) to do digital marketing correctly for your small business.